Sashmasters COVID-19 Response & Action Plan

From the start of the COVID-19 outbreak in B.C., we have been laser focused on adapting our polocies to suit the new reality we all face together. As the situation with coronavirus continues to evolve, we are taking all necessary steps to do our part to provide a safe & healthy environment for our employees and customers while maintaining exceptional customer service.

We have restricted outside visitors from entering our facilities without a mask, prescreening, and/or specific appointment arrangements. 

Our installation circumstances will be individually analyzed for the safest approach in keeping ourselves and our customers safe. Some lead times and schedules will/are being affected. 

If the need arises, we at Sashmasters are ready and willing to serve the needs of our community.

We are equipped with modern commercial vehicles, construction equipment, and warehouse space. If called upon, we remain adaptable to respond to non-medical essential and emergency services. These include, but are not limited to the following: 
Window and door repair work, general carpentry, warehouse storage, delivery services, etc.

Despite the many difficulties we all face, we'd like to reassure you that Sashmasters remains fully committed to doing everything we can to support you through this difficult time, and on behalf of our team, we wish you well.