What Our Customers Are Saying:

The shopping for windows was complicated by my interest in high energy efficiency, and The iCandy's interest in protecting (or even improving) the look of the house with the windows. In the end, the only way we were going to solve this was by getting wood windows. That was when we met Jordan, the owner of Sashmasters.
Again, as I blogged a few months ago, Jordan was anything but high-pressure sales. He took the time to look at our windows and honestly assess our options. He was straight-forward about what would and wouldn’t work in our house, and even had some useful advice about how to approach some of the windows we didn’t really know how to deal with (such as the ugly 80’s re-fits in our basement suite). Then he gave us a quote. Click here to continue reading the blog from one of our customers in New Westminster.

We are really happy with the replacement of the windows and especially the living room door. It is quality work and Ken and I were quite impressed with the great team you have.

Thank you very much for making it all happen and on time!

Kim & Ken Lyons

Thank you once again for another great job!

Chris Mah

Thanks! You did a terrific job making the doors and the installation was perfect! We’ll be back!

MB and SK
Vancouver, BC


The windows are amazing! The best thing about the work is that you cannot tell they have been replaced. Having a 1930 house I did not want the windows to look like modern windows. I wanted something that was period. We also have a stucco finish on the house so I was very concerned about how replacing the windows would disrupt the finishing edge. This was not a problem. They look perfect and the stucco was not affected at all. I also had very difficult windows to replace given the windows were likely custom made when originally constructed. They had arches and were not the same measurement anywhere. Plus, the house has settled over the years. Even with the challenge of the arches and off measurements the results were incredible. Now I have all of the benefits of modern windows and yet the look of my house has remained in period. The finishing work is superb inside and out and the crews were amazing. Great work. Great people. Great Company. I am a very happy customer!

Kim Tempest

We received a flyer a couple of years ago when they delivered flyers to our area (Queens Park in New West). We were the first in our neighborhood to use them and they did an excellent job. We had 37 windows replaced with custom made wood frame windows. They removed all our stained glass had it cleaned and restored as well. The workmanship is top notch, and they stand behind their guarantee. Since they completed our home they did some smaller jobs in our neighborhood and we have heard no negative comments from our neighbors.

Gordon Kalisch
I just wanted to tell you that the windows look absolutely AWESOME so far. It is apparent to me that the guys on the build side of the shop were very picky when they were selecting the stock to use for our windows. I’m guessing this is especially the case since the windows will not be painted on either side. The workmanship is very apparent and I can also tell that will continue under Jeremy’s care. He seems very happy to have these windows showcasing the beautiful wood grain on both the interior and exterior sides. Anyway, if you wanted to communicate our sincerest thanks and compliments to the guys in the shop for the quality work we have seen so far, I would appreciate it.

Tyler Redpath