Our Mission

We specialize in repairs, restoration, and new construction of wood windows and doors. We can restore your windows or upgrade them with new double glazed sashes. Our windows and doors are built using authentic time tested mortice and tenon joinery.

Sashmasters boasts a unique customer-centered business model where the client is involved throughout the design, building, and installation process.

Sashmasters' team has been in business in the Greater Vancouver Regional District since 1994 with its focus being an overall positive experience for the client. Born of a window and door repair and restoration company, we have been involved in the servicing, restoration, and repair of all types of windows and doors. From this experience we have learned what lasts, and what does not. Which designs are smart, and which are not. By applying this experience we have learned to build the longest lasting products.

Sashmasters' commitment to excellence merges old world craftsmanship and methods with new-age thinking, enabling us to mass produce a quality handmade product. Our custom windows and doors are hand built by proud, sawdust-covered master craftsmen. Sashmasters' "old school" approach to the creation of its windows and doors employs time tested, traditional designs and joinery. We combine this with modern day weatherstripping and high-performance glazing to create the best windows and doors available. 

The quality and the care put into each individually designed and handmade piece makes it, quite literally, a work of art. We welcome customers to tour our 5,500 and 8,500 square foot facilities in Burnaby where they can speak with the skilled and talented craftsmen and see them performing their specific tasks.

Sashmasters sells directly to contractors and home owners cutting out the middleman. 

All of our residential products are sold based on an installed basis. This way we can be solely responsible for the functionality, longevity, and warranty of our windows and doors.